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Eternity Services Limited provides multi-disciplinary range of excellent engineering services at reasonable cost to sustain a developmental based network for the industry using our technical expertise.

At Eternity Services Limited, out capabilities project the organization’s experience and potentials in executing engineering projects.

It is clear to us that the challenges in offshore and onshore operations demand competence, technical resources and commitment. To meet these challenges, we combine our local capacity with recognized and reputable foreign technical partners to offer new technology and service to the Nigerian Oil & Gas industry. The company’s business activities can be broadly classified into the following;



* Construction, installation of pipes.

* Pipeline integrity program (cathodic protection), routine maintenance and pigging of liquid.

* Pipe coating, fusion bond epoxy corrosion coating and concrete weight coating.

* Blasting and painting: offshore and onshore.

* Pipeline construction, riser repairs and installation.

* Basic and detailed engineering design of pipeline networks together with tie-ins.



Maintenance overhaul of heavy-duty machines include construction, welding and fabrication that covers the following:

  • Fabrication and installation of domestic Gas distribution structural works pipelines.
  • Installation and maintenance of turbines and pumps.
  • Production and export facility construction: onshore and offshore
  • Tank rehabilitation: vertical, spherical, pressure and cryogenic tank
  • Plant works and manifolds including flow station: construction and upgrade



Cabling work, flow station upgrade, oil line pressure control system, pressure valves, gauges, meters and temperature control systems.



Procurement and maintenance of specialized oil field equipment and devices of all types, including data storage systems, valves, pipes, pressure reduction metering systems etc.



The company, operating through its subsidiary ETERNITY LOGISTICS LIMITED, has a fleet of 40 trucks, which hauls fuels and lubricants in cans, kegs and drums of various sizes for some of the major petroleum marketers across Nigeria.

We own and operate a well-organized garage at the Mile 2 area of Lagos, where our trucks are constantly maintained for performance and competent drivers are trained to operate with a strong emphasis on HSEQ. Minimizing truck downtimes is critical to our operational success.

In line with industry demands, the company is constantly adding new trucks to its fleet, which poses greater challenges but will improve our efficiency in the long run.

We are also expanding the logistics business to cover other goods and services, given the rise in levels of construction and maintenance activities.



The company owns and operates Service Stations where various petroleum products are retailed to members of the public, with plans to acquire more strategically located ones in Lagos and Abuja.



We similarly service consumers [residential and industrial] directly. This is a specialized market designed to meet the needs of discerning clients that are time and quality- sensitive with storages varying between 5000 and 33000 litres, depending on average monthly usage. This program covers white products and LPG.

The company supplies heavy bulk industrial. And commercial users by road, rail, as well as vessels. These are clients with multiples of 33000 or 45000 litre storages.