About us

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Who we are?

Develop and support the rapid
industrialization of Africa.

The company has a vision of total project leadership, which ensures that the company operates across the complete spectrum of engineering, procurement and construction related projects.




Eternity Nigeria Limited

The history of dynamic and progressive thinking

1998. Foundation

Eternity Services Limited commenced operation in 1998 as a wholly owned Nigerian Oil and Gas services company.

2004. First 1M orders

It was a great leap

2008. More Outlets

More branches were opened all over Lagos and Ogun States.

2010. Northern market

We moved more trucks up North than any other company.

2015. Africa

Move products to neighbouring countries and establish outlets

2019. 5% of Lagos market share

We are targeting 20 per cent market share in the coming years, up from the current 5 per cent in the industry.