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Eternity HSE Statement

Eternity Services Limited provides multi-disciplinary range of excellent engineering services at reasonable cost to sustain a developmental based network for the industry using our technical expertise.

In order to assure a safe pattern of work that reduces risk of labor accidents, fire explosion, disease spread by lack of hygiene and pollution, Eternity Services has instituted a safety policy.

The aim is to alert all those operating on job sites to improve health, safety and environment conditions as HSE awareness is a core value of all our staff.

Measures are taken to sustain HSE meetings and training at all levels where interchange of safety ideas and experiences that will uplift HSE awareness are enabled.

Activities are conducted in a manner that will reduce accidents and incidents that have the potential to cause injury to personnel and/or damage to equipment and materials.

Also, activities identified as unhealthy, unsafe or environmentally destructive are suspended until acceptable solutions are found.

All staff are certified fit for the task they are to undertake, while strict adherence to company’s Drug and Alcohol policy is enforced.