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Eternity Quality Statement

Eternity Services Limited provides multi-disciplinary range of excellent engineering services at reasonable cost to sustain a developmental based network for the industry using our technical expertise.

Eternity Services Limited is committed to achieving quality in our products and services to meet customer requirements every time, at the right time and at optimum cost.

The management objective of Eternity Services Limited is to provide services in a manner that conforms to contractual and regulatory requirements using qualified, trained and experienced personnel. This is done in compliance with international standards.

The assessments of conformity to these requirements ate made on the basis of objective evidence of quality. Eternity Services personnel ate instructed to adhere to and work within agreed scope.

This policy document describes how the quality of Eternity Services is designed to ensure that all related requirements are recognized. It also spells out how consistent and uniform control of these requirements ate adequately maintained and effectively monitored.